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 I like to tell you a little bit about me and hope I can help you. My name is Gabriela Griffin and I am original from Switzerland. In 1973  I enrolled in the Gewerbeschule  Lucerne Switzerland, beginning a 4 year apprenticeship study in the profession of upholstery. One whole day in school and five days working at my master's shop.

After  four years and  ten days of exam I was the first woman in Switzerland to receive a degree in this profession called at that time Tapissier Decorateur.

After graduation I worked as a journey man in Lucerne, Zurich and St. Moritz. In 1980 I moved to the United States and worked in Dallas, Texas. Soon after I moved to Tucson Arizona and opened Studio Swiss.

  I have worked with a lot of great customers over the years who welcomed my honest assessment and ideas.

I hope you too will become a very satisfied customer of Studio Swiss.


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